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Harwell Enterprises Inc.


After many years in business in Pulaski Tennessee, Jeff Harwell, of Harwell Enterprises, decided to take his business into the 21st century. The project consisted of an e-commerce site in phase 1. The site needed to be very easy to navigate, shop, and show off all the major brand names that will be sold there.

Phase 2 will be the back end development for the supply chain and pick, pack, and fulfill systems and processes. Our overall goal is to blend a new online system into the daily operations of a retail store and streamlining the order fulfillment and back end processes while keeping the customers satisfied with quick and error free service.


The new web site is on an e-commerce platform that will allow his business to grow without having to make a large investment in backend infrastructure. This project was designed to allow minimum initial investment and will have the ability to expand and evolve as the volume of sales increases. This project still currently under construction..

Works performed:

  • E-commerce Backend System
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Custom Email System
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Navigation Structure
  • Custom Help Center
  • Google Maps Interactive Contact Page
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Google Base Product Submission
  • Credit Card Processor Consulting
  • Order Fulfillment Process Consulting (Pick, Pack, & Ship)
  • Shipping and Logistics Consulting
  • S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

Having a web site in today's world is almost a necessity. It will give your clients and potential clients information about your business, services, and products. Here at Nicole Jordan Company, we can have you a custom site up and running with a matter of hours. The level of sophistication and customization is completely up to you and your business needs. Call us today for a free quote.